Aero Guards Protection (M) Sdn Bhd
No. 99-1,
Jalan Nautika A U20/A,
Pusat Komersial Sungai Buloh,
TSB 40160 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.


AERO GUARDS PROTECTION (M) SDN. BHD. provides the following services to corporate bodies, organizations, associations and select householders and individuals:-

Gurkha Guards

Well known for their bravery and discipline, our Nepalese guards are all ex-army and ex-police. Their professionalism, commitment and skills are exceptional.
  Local Guards
Our local guards are all trained with elite skills such as fire fighting, first aid, and also IT skills. Generally used for 24/7 protection all around Malaysia

Elite Guards

They are usually assigned as officers around sites. They have good communication skills and problem solving skills. They are all experienced in security line for more than 3 years.
Guard Dog with handler (K9 Unit)
For those who need extra safety and protection, our German Shepherds are trained with special training and feed with good and healthy food. Commonly used in factories and residential area that near to the forest.

VIP Escort

We provide escorts for VIP especially when travelling with a lot of cash and valuables.
Crowd Controllers

For special events such as parties and concerts

Body Guards

The person that can save your life must be the person you really trust. Aero Guards Protection will ensure you get only the best professionals bodyguards to protect you
Security Consultants

Consultation will be provided for clients that are engaged with us and also for other companies who needs consultation about security

Personal Security Guards
24/7 protection for your unguarded house
Security Trained Drivers
Our drivers are trained with first aid skills, martial arts with exceptional driving skills
Surveillance Operatives

24 hours surveillance operatives with a hotline number for emergencies. Our people are all expert in IT.
  Patrolling units

Our patrolling units will secure your perimeter and area; not just inside your building.

To accommodate our clients, we facilitate the following range of services:

Travel Protection:
Travel ProtectionWe provide exceptional services of protection for client’s safety during the arrivals and departure process at domestic and international airports. Clients may be concerned or apprehensive regarding over friendly or hostile public encounters, we will provide clients with appropriate protection as the situation demands.
We provide ‘on board’ personal protection to clients whilst travelling within Malaysia or internationally.
In an uncertain and unpredictable world, you want to know you are doing all that you can to protect your own people, we provide the security support and services to keep your international travellers and expatriates safe – anywhere, anytime. We provide organisations with integrated risk management plans, strategies and responses, so you can protect your global workforce and help your business function more efficiently.

Business Contingency Planning:
Our security risk management consultants can provide a business contingency plan for any size of business to manage any emergency from natural disasters to civil unrest and the kidnapping of the company’s senior executive. Every year, nearly one in five businesses suffers a major interruption. Designing and implementing solid business continuity plans helps organisations prevent these interruptions becoming business critical issues.
Business continuity management is complementary to a wider risk management framework. It is a holistic management process that identifies, in advance, the potential impacts of a wide variety of disruptions to the organisations ability to function, allowing the organisation to tolerate the loss of part or all of its operation capability.

Court Escorts:
We have developed a system in place to provide specialist protection for individuals considered ‘high risk’. A witness, defendant, plaintiff or client may be requested to attend court hearings and maybe concerned about possible hostile encounters or media attention, we can provide you with a protective measure to ensure your security, safety and well-being.

Contract Security Managers:
We have the resources to provide security managers for short or long-term contracts.

Crowd Controllers & Event Security Teams:
We have an association with a national event security provider. We provide a consulting service to this provider to ensure event security is maintained to a high standard.

Stalkers stalk people because they are seriously interested in movements and relations of the victim. They are often seeking some type of intimate relationship with the victim and will often ignore all warnings from the victim either of a physical or legal nature. We provide close protection to ensure that direct contact does not take place; we will identify the stalker and prevent further action from occurring.

Private Investigators
AGP is a licensed private investigators service provider. We have the network of associates and alliance partners throughout Malaysia and worldwide to assist with investigations in the field of missing persons, employee theft and fraud, insurance claims, domestic related matters and loss prevention.

Surveillance is a powerful tool used in investigations where evidence is obtained in order to secure prosecutions. Substantial intelligence is often gained from these convert operations. We can provide an Agent with over twenty years’ experience in commercial and private investigations. The Agent can conduct surveillance to assist the protection team in identifying any unwanted attention against the client and/or their interests. The current measures of surveillance and intelligence gathering include insurance claimant surveillance; domestic related surveillance and employee surveillance for theft or fraud related inquiries.